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Users of Survey Junkie, a paid survey platform that collects surveys from market research firms, receive incentives for participating in the surveys. Although Survey Junkie has one of the lowest redemption requirements in the industry and allows for PayPal redemption, there are several drawbacks that you should be aware of before signing up.

If you are not rich so much that you can throw away cash, you might all have had a time when you needed to make some extra cash so that your income would at least go up by a few dollars. Or maybe you have some extra hours that you spend leisurely that you are thinking of doing something that will bring you a couple of dozen dollars in the meantime. Maybe you are looking for ways to try all those online earning methods that people on social media discuss so highly.  

Either way, if you go online and search for online earning platforms, I am sure you will get bombarded by hundreds of website options in your results set. However, as we all know, not all of these websites and platforms are legit, and if you end up choosing the wrong site, you will just be wasting hundreds of hours completing tasks only to find out that you have been scammed and that you have no way to cash out the money that you earned.  

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But when you try these websites, you risk losing the money you made with time and effort. Yet if you were lucky enough to find one of the best websites on the internet that would let you earn some extra dollars, then you can spend your extra hours working on surveys to earn some extra cash.  

You won't be able to earn millions by doing this. This is an excellent way to earn a few bucks, around $40 – $100, a month if you have a couple of hours to spend during the day. But to make sure that you are spending these hours effectively and that you wouldn't be disappointed at the end of the way without being able to withdraw the money that you earned, you have to verify that the platform you are using is legit and authentic.  

And to help you find one of the best websites you can trust, we have done deep research on this topic and found one of the best survey sites one can use to earn a few extra bucks. The site is called the Survey Junkie and is one of the top-ranking survey sites on the internet that you can trust to compensate for your efforts.  

In the following Survey Junkie Research, we will discuss the following topics to ensure you that Survey Junkie is indeed a value-added service.  

  • What Is Survey Junkie? – SurveyJunkie Reviews 
  • What Is The Earning Process Of Survey Junkie 
  • How To Earn With Survey Junkie? – SurveyJunkie Reviews 
  • What Is Survey Junkie Pulse? – SurveyJunkie Reviews 
  • How To Sign Up For Survey Junkie Pulse? – SurveyJunkie Reviews 
  • How To Maximize Your Income On Survey Junkie? – Is SurveyJunkie Legit? 
  • How Can One Become Ineligible For A Survey? – Is SurveyJunkie Legit? 
  • Who Can Use The Survey Junkie For Best Results? 
  • Frequently Asked Questions – Survey Junkie Reviews 
  • Is SurveyJunkie Real?– Final Verdict On Survey Junkie Reviews 

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What Is Survey Junkie? – SurveyJunkie Reviews 

Users of Survey Junkie, a paid survey platform that collects surveys from market research firms, receive incentives for participating in the surveys. Although Survey Junkie has one of the lowest redemption requirements in the industry and allows for PayPal redemption, there are several drawbacks that you should be aware of before signing up. 

Over 10 million people use Survey Junkie to take surveys and get money while they are free. Through Survey Junkie, you may get money by answering questions accurately and accumulating points. The points can be though as Survey Junkie currency. You may redeem more money and gift cards the more points you earn. 

The nice thing about Survey Junkie is that you do surveys to support actual companies. Your responses to the survey questions help decision-makers spend millions of dollars on new products and services and enhance already-available goods and services. 

Your recommendations and comments can be seen reflected in the goods and services you use daily. Using the Survey Junkie app, you can complete surveys while on the move and be paid. This appears to be the primary reason most users of Survey Junkie utilize it, according to user evaluations on websites like Trustpilot. 

During your lunch break or commute, you may make additional money by doing surveys rather than playing a game on your phone. If you prefer to browse the internet on a desktop or laptop rather than a phone, you can also download the Survey Junkie Pulse browser plugin. By installing this extension, Survey Junkie can offer more specialized surveys with significant point incentives. 

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What Is The Earning Process Of Survey Junkie 

1. First, Create An Account With Survey Junkie 

It takes around two minutes to launch Survey Junkie. Before you can make an account, requires the following pieces of personal information: 

  1. The ZIP code 
  2. nation of residence 
  3. born on  
  4. Gender 
  5. Identifying information 
  6. Last name 

You may get registered right away and start creating profiles. According to Survey Junkie, doing this will boost your likelihood of obtaining more surveys with better incentives. This is because certain sorts of people are sought after by market research organizations to participate in surveys. 

These profile inquiries includes whether you have a pet, the kind of smartphone you use, the stores you frequent for particular goods, and how much time you spend watching TV. You will received a small number of points for finishing each profile. 

2. Finishing surveys 

Survey Junkie will start to contact you with paid survey opportunities soon after you responded to those profile questions. You may view a list of the surveys available from the account dashboard. You can see how many points and how long a job will take before you click on it, for example, a 10-minute survey for 40 points. 

3. Cashing Out Money from Your Work 

With Survey Junkie, one point is equivalent to one penny while taking surveys. Consequently, a survey that awards 100 points will net you $1. However, you need $5 (500 points) in your account to pay out. You can have your rewards transferred to a bank account, but you may even opt to get a cash payout through PayPal. A third alternative for redemption is electronic gift cards. 

Some of the available gift cards are listed below: 

  • Amazon 
  • iTunes 
  • Sephora 
  • Starbucks 
  • Walmart Target Groupon 

When you want to withdraw money, Survey Junkie will request identification proof. You may have to give your home address and phone number, too. These will be manually confirmed by the company through a telephone call, but soon after the confirmation, you will be able to cash out your money. 

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  • How To Earn With Survey Junkie? – SurveyJunkie Reviews 
  • How To Earn With Survey Junkie
  • How To Earn With Survey Junkie
  • Focus Groups Online 

When you initially sign up with Survey Junkie, just as with Product Testing, you will be prompted to indicate if you are interested in participating in online focus groups. If you say yes, you may anticipate receiving an invitation to a focus group online, possibly once a month. The payment varies depending on the focus group, but typically, Survey Junkie pays $25 to $100 for participating in an online focus group. You will be asked to take an online survey first, after which you will take part in a session at a predetermined time over a few days that you will choose. It should be noted that webcam access is required to participate in online focus groups. 

In-Person Focus Groups 

If you want to participate in live focus groups, you will be prompted to do so when you initially join up with Survey Junkie. If you respond positively, you should anticipate receiving an invitation to an in-person focus group at least once a month. Depending on the focus group, the payment ranges from $25 to $150, according to Survey Junkie. You will be asked to take part in an online survey first, after which you will attend a focus group meeting in person at a predetermined time and location. 

Online Survey Participation 

Taking surveys is the most popular way to earn money with Survey Junkie. You may start doing paid surveys immediately after creating your account at and using your 25-point welcome incentive. 

There are plenty of survey chances if you visit the Survey page. You aren't just responding to generic inquiries about politics or your weight with Survey Junkie. You may voice your perspective, and the questions are well-focused. This then enables brands to provide better goods and services. In the end, you will become an influencer for market research firms! 

You can see how many points an online survey will give you before you click and finish it. A time estimate for finishing the survey is also available. Surveys typically have a point value between 10 and 200, and they can take anywhere between a few minutes to 20 or 30 minutes to complete. These functional elements help you understand the time investment and the potential benefit. 

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Phone Polls 

You will be prompted to choose whether you want to participate in phone surveys when you initially join Survey Junkie. If you select yes, you should anticipate receiving an invitation to a phone survey once per month but these number of surveys may vary. Survey Junkie often pays $5 to $100 for taking part in phone surveys. However, the compensation varies depending on the particular phone survey. After inviting you to participate in an online survey, a researcher will phone you and ask questions about a specific item or service. 

Complete Profile-Related Questionnaires 

You may receive invitations from Survey Junkie to exclusive surveys only you are eligible for. These surveys frequently have greater rewards and points attached to them. For instance, Survey Junkie may offer you the chance to respond to several profile surveys. 

  • Shopping Profile  
  • Technology Profile 
  • Health Report 
  • Interests Profile for a Family 
  • Journey Profile 

Survey Junkie will pay you to fill out these brief profiles, which usually take a few seconds. You must provide accurate answers since Survey Junkie will use them to deliver pertinent and customized questionnaires. You will get more surveys as you complete more of these profile forms. Additionally, the more surveys you complete, the more points you'll accumulate—points you may later exchange for money or gift cards. 

Additionally, you may learn after using the Survey Junkie for a little while and reading other users' reviews that earning more than $200 monthly on Survey Junkie is feasible. Although it's certainly not often, it may happen. You will get many more surveys that pay much more if you fit into a target demographic. 

It's crucial to fill out as many profile surveys as you can because of this. If not, Survey Junkie won't be able to place you in the appropriate demographic, which results in fewer specifically tailored questions. 

Product Evaluation 

If you want to sometimes engage in product testing, you will be requested to do so when you first join Survey Junkie. If you respond in the affirmative, you could receive a product testing offer once per month. Payout varies, but Survey Junkie product testing generally pays $5 to $50. 

A free product will be sent to your house for usage and retention after you complete an online survey that will be required of you beforehand. After using it, you will be asked to complete a survey on the product. Besides the earning methods mentioned above, you can share your online activity with Survey Junkie. We will discuss this thoroughly in the section below.  

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Survey Junkie Mobile App  

The Survey Junkie mobile app supports both Apple iOS and Android. The mobile app operates similarly to the desktop website. You may modify your account settings, redeem your points, and complete surveys for doing surveys while on the road; the mobile app is preferable.  

Why not spend time on your phone by conducting surveys if you travel on the tube and live in a bustling metropolis like New York?  

Perhaps you prefer to fill out questionnaires at night while relaxing in bed or waiting for a doctor. You can never miss new survey email alerts by using the mobile app. For instance, you can be informed about new surveys you qualify for if you have signed up for Survey Junkie email alerts. 

But occasionally, surveys might fill up quickly, and by the time you get home and sit down in front of your computer to begin it, it's already too late. Since you may launch the app immediately and begin the survey, the mobile app can help with this issue. Thanks to the mobile app, which is much more handy, you may do surveys whenever you want. 

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What Is Survey Junkie Pulse? – SurveyJunkie Reviews 

With the help of the free browser plugin Survey Junkie Pulse (also known as SJ Pulse or Survey Pulse), you may give the business information about your internet activity in exchange for rewards. As a passive income app, it operates in the background once installed. Additionally, there is a 150-point welcome bonus for installing and keeping it for 30 days.  

The information gathered by Survey Pulse is described as follows by Survey Junkie: 

  • Your Internet Queries 
  • your visit websites. 
  • Your app usage. 
  • The items you purchase. 
  • The Internet commercials you Watch. 

According to Survey Junkie, your supply information has been depersonalized and anonymized. That is accurate, but you should be aware that digital marketing companies among others utilize this data to build extensive, anonymized profiles that affect things like the adverts you encounter when visiting websites. 

In other words, even if this data may not directly link to you by name, it does become a part of the “big data” profile of you that determines how you use the internet. You'll receive some passive money in exchange for this information. Unfortunately, Survey Junkie does not provide information on how much or how often you will earn, and online user ratings have been inconsistent. 

Last but not least, take notice that users of Pulse have access to a variety of paid surveys not offered on the Survey Junkie leading site. To put it another way, adopting Pulse increases the likelihood that you'll have access to more and better surveys. 

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How To Sign Up For Survey Junkie Pulse? – SurveyJunkie Reviews 

Are you interested in joining Pulse? If so, we've got you covered!  

Becoming a member of Pulse is easy, and we'll walk you through the steps below. Whether you're using a Desktop PC or a mobile device, you can participate in Pulse surveys and earn rewards in no time. 

To sign up for Pulse, you need to be a member of Survey Junkie. If you're not already a member, you can sign up for Survey Junkie by visiting their website and creating an account. Once you've become a Survey Junkie member, follow the steps below to get started with Pulse: 

Set up Pulse: Pulse may be set up on a computer, a smartphone, or both. By doing surveys on several devices, you may increase your earning potential. Go to the corresponding app store for your device, such as the Google Play Store for Android or the Windows or Mac App Store for desktop, and type in “Pulse.” Install the programme on your device after downloading it. 

Desktop Installation: Sign onto your Survey Junkie account after installing Pulse on your desktop. On your dashboard, locate the left sidebar and click “Add Desktop App.” To finish the installation procedure on your desktop, whether you're using Windows or Mac, follow the on-screen directions. 

Mobile Installation: If you're using the Android mobile app, you can find the “Mobile Pulse” button at the bottom of the screen. Tap on it and use the instructions to install Pulse on your mobile device. 

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Active Usage: To fully participate in Pulse and earn rewards, use your devices with at least five monthly internet sessions. This activity level ensures you actively engage with Pulse and provide valuable data. 

Exclusive Surveys: As a Pulse member, you can access exclusive surveys tailored to your interests and demographics. Taking these surveys early and frequently is essential to maximize your earning potential. Make sure to watch for notifications and reminders to complete these Pulse-exclusive surveys. 

Monthly Points: After installing Pulse and actively using it for 30 days, you'll be awarded monthly points as a token of appreciation for your participation. These points can be used for various rewards, depending on the Survey Junkie rewards program. 

By following these steps and actively participating in Pulse, you'll contribute valuable insights and earn rewards for your time and effort. Enjoy the benefits of being a Pulse member and make your opinions count! 

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How To Maximize Your Income On Survey Junkie? – Is SurveyJunkie Legit? 

To Maximize Your Points, Complete The Quickstart Checklist Up Front – 

For verifying your email address, you receive 25 points, and for finishing the profile survey, you receive 50 points. For the time spent, those are tasks of high value. 

Answer Truthfully – 

Survey Junkie have algorithms that can detect users who rush through the questionnaires without reading the questions and providing accurate answers. In other words, they can tell whether you're merely pushing buttons or giving contradictory information. Even some random quality control questions will be thrown in by Survey Junkie to ensure you pay attention. 

Use A Specific Email Account For Surveys  

Set up a specific email account for survey purposes. Although you might be tempted to skip this step, I assure you that avoiding overstuffing your primary inbox is preferable. This is particularly true if you register for many websites. Some websites inundate your inbox with notifications for each unique survey opportunity, but Survey Junkie typically sends one email daily. 

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Conduct Demographic Research – 

Doing the demographic surveys as soon as possible can help you acquire more focused surveys, which pay the highest rates.  

Download The Survey Junkie App Right Away. 

While the website is mobile-friendly, the Survey Junkie app features a straightforward user experience and is simple to use on your phone. You may now earn more money since you can do surveys anytime you have some free time. 

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How Can One Become Ineligible For A Survey? – Is SurveyJunkie Legit? 

Not everyone has access to surveys or the chance to participate. Businesses and organizations frequently seek people with certain traits, life experiences, or demographic features for their opinion. They can collect information from various angles because of their focused strategy. Since the data you submit in your profile is used to match you with surveys that are compatible with your history and interests, you must keep it accurate and up-to-date. 

Brands and organizations must identify the appropriate target population and sufficient survey respondents. For a manageable data set for analysis, a survey is closed whenever it achieves its predefined response quota. This highlights how important it is to maintain your profile information up to date because an out-of-date profile may lower your chances of getting chosen for relevant surveys. 

Brands rely on participants' truthful and accurate replies to make survey findings valuable and credible. Sadly, some people try to take advantage of the system by doing surveys dishonestly because they want to make quick money online. The Survey Junkie, too, have established reliable mechanisms to identify and block such people or automated systems from doing surveys to address this issue. 

These controls guarantee that real respondents are compensated for their insightful feedback and help maintain the survey's integrity. 

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It is essential to approach surveys honestly and take the time to offer accurate replies if you want to reduce the chance of being disqualified. Rushing through a survey to complete it fast might void your eligibility. You may improve your chances of being selected for subsequent surveys and aid in the valuable data gathering by providing complete and honest responses. 

It's crucial to remember that consistency is essential when answering surveys. Your application may be rejected if your survey results do not match the details you supplied in your profile. 

As a result, it is critical to consistently update your profile to represent your current traits, interests, and situation. Doing this increases the likelihood that surveys will be matched to you based on your history and interests. 

Even if you don't satisfy the conditions for a particular question, question Junkie will still give you some points to say thanks for your attempt. Regardless of the immediate qualifying result, this acknowledgment encourages respondents to keep taking the survey and contributing. Your opinions are still valued, and Survey Junkie appreciates your effort and time in expressing them. 

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What Kind Of Earnings Can You Expect From Survey Junkie? 

According to the results of tests, if you belong to a suitable demographic and do three surveys every day, you might earn up to $40 per month. You might earn between $5 and $100 for each focus group or product testing opportunity you are accepted. Focus group chances, which often pay at the higher end of that spectrum, are sadly only provided once per month. 

How Do You Meet The Requirements For Survey Junkie Surveys? 

Ensure you correctly fill out the profile form when establishing your account to be eligible for as many surveys as possible. You will be asked several screening questions about your hobbies and lifestyle in addition to demographic information (such as your age, gender, and income level). 

You can qualify for more surveys the more information Survey Junkie has about you. That's because businesses frequently seek certain user groups. For instance, women under 35 who enjoy gardening and rock climbing. You may be excluded from surveys intended for subgroups of the population if you omit to offer a complete demographic profile. 

It pays to check the website and complete at least one survey as frequently as possible since active users receive additional survey possibilities. 

How Is Payment Made Through Survey Junkie? – Is SurveyJunkie legit? 

In all participating nations, you may request a bank transfer from PayPal, and users in the United States can do the same. If you select PayPal, a Survey Junkie customer support agent may need to validate your account over the phone. Users in the United States can be cashed out for a digital gift card, but be aware that, similar to PayPal purchases, this choice may need phone verification of your account. 

Can You Trust Survey Junkie? – is SurveyJunkie real? 

Survey Junkie has some of the highest customer ratings among paid survey websites. We propose it as one of the best options for making additional money with online surveys since it is a well-known organization widely acknowledged as a leader in the consumer market research industry. For a current overview of customer feedback about Survey Junkie, please see the reputation section of this page. 

Does Survey Junkie Pay You? 

You may exchange your points for cash or gift cards at Survey Junkie. They can accomplish this because businesses developing new goods and services appreciate the opinions of thousands of individuals, including yours. Before investing time and money in the product's development, these businesses use Survey Junkie to determine how the market would react to their new items. 

And Survey Junkie needs your assistance to fulfill its obligation to provide a public opinion. It is willing to pay for your time, therefore. Of course, there are other factors that product researchers take into account as well, but public opinion is just one piece of the research process as a whole. 

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Is SurveyJunkie Real?– Final Verdict On Survey Junkie Reviews 

You may be questioning the legitimacy of Survey Junkie at this time. After all, it seems odd that a business would pay you, even a tiny sum, for answering basic questions. The good news is that millions of customers have come to trust Survey Junkie as a reputable business. On Trustpilot, the site now has approximately 40,000 customer ratings, with an average star rating of 4.3 out of 5.  

The business has a “B” rating on that site and has been recognized by the Better Business Bureau since 2017. Survey Junkie received an average star rating of 4.32 out of 5 from customers who commented on the business on the BBB, which is excellent considering the source. 

There are several websites where you may complete surveys to earn money. While it's true that they won't cover your expenses, many of them provide good opportunities for side income during downtime. Regardless of the measure, Survey Junkie consistently ranks at the top of this online survey services list. It is simple to register for, has a decent selection of surveys, pays well, and has a low initial cash-out requirement. 

Additionally, if you're fortunate enough to be selected for the product testing opportunity, you could get complimentary knickknacks for your involvement. For these reasons, we believe it should be one of your first stops when looking for paid surveys. 

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